Official ILDFF Rulebook

guidelines on competition formats, scoring mechanisms, specifications of materials and safety measures

clear guidelines and rules for the sport

A framework for judging longboard dance & freestyle that meet the needs of the community - for riders, judges and organisers.

make rider’s performance measurable

we aim to provide transparency for riders, judges, organizers, and spectators and publish the results in real time, either on site or online.

New Scoring System

unique scoring system developed by experienced judges and event admins. easy to understand and well balanced to represent our sport.

Why are we doing this?

We perceived an increasing frustration within the community on judging in competitions. On the one hand, riders do not know how and on what criteria they are judged by, as no written rules exist in Longboard Dance & Freestyle so far. On the other hand, it is a time-consuming process in competitions for event organizers and judges to define and align on rules every time they carry out a competition.

What are we doing?

Over the course of the past months we, Jelle, Simon, and Werner, worked intensively on the Rulebook, taking into account our deep experience in competitions and judging, as well as the current progression of our sport.
By introducing our rulebook for Longboard Dance & Freestyle we want to tackle and improve this situation to bring transparency and a common understanding to the community.

Who is involved?

The official Rulebook was created with the help and assistance of experienced judges, event organisers and well known riders in our sport.
THe following people provided their feedback and contributed to the final version of the rulebook:

  • Achel Machin
  • Arto Rohde
  • Brandon DesJarlais
  • Christopher Weggler
  • Deborah Keser
  • DoYoung Gwon
  • Giu Alfeo
  • Hans Wouters
  • Katarzyna Hajdan
  • Lotfi Lamaali (Paris 360 Longboard Open, Docksessions)
  • Nick Jones (Docksession Los Angeles)
  • Marshall Brettschneider (AWHOU Contest Berlin)
  • Sergej Schwarzkopf (Hamburg Longboard Open)
  • Tobi Seifert (AWHOU Contest Berlin)

We thank you ever so much for all your time, energy and hard work all y'all put into it.

What's your part?

Now it is time to get your view on the topic.
We would highly appreciate it if you read the rulebook carefully and contribute with your suggestions and constructive criticism by either sending an email to or using the Rulebook Feedback Form.

With your feedback we iterate on the details of the rulebook to get a solid version that reflects the opinion of the community.


you can download the rulebook in pdf format HERE for offline use.


ILDFF Rulebook