We know that building a federation is an ambitious goal.
We are aware that there is plenty of stuff to work out. Our approach to all the work ahead is to grow as we go and in order to grow sustainable and in accordance with the objectives of the community we decided to start out small and see where the waves take us in the future.

The ILDFF has commited itself to the following goals:

  • to promote the relationships between the skaters, event organizers and the industry
  • to promote the sport as a healthy and educational activity
  • to create and govern the official rulebook and scoring system
  • to monitor and enforce those rules
  • to encourage, develop and supervise competitions worldwide
  • to partner up with events and take care of basic rider administration
  • to educate and consult event organizers, judges and event officials
  • to award licenses and contracts to ILDFF partners and other organizations that seek authority to organize official competitions and activities
  • to fight against doping in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code
  • to establish training courses for all officials to guarantee the highest standards possible
  • to provide clear and structured guidelines and rules for the sport
  • to provide transparency to riders, judges, organizers and spectators