What is the ILDFF?

The ILDFF was formed in 2021 by Jelle Lemmens, Simon Arsenidis, Sabine Steinhauer and Werner Wildberger.
The federation is our ambitious attempt to standardize the rules and scoring system used in longboard dance and freestyle.

The ILDFF is an international non-governmental non-profit organisation whose objectives are the regulation, promotion and development of the sport, community and competitions around the world.
We want to move to a professional level, implement standard operating procedures and best practices for scoring and judging.

We thrive to be a global player including all longboarders worldwide and create attention and awareness for our beloved sport.

We provide a big round table to bring together all various groups involved in the sport, such as riders, companies and event organisers.
We have many ideas what the federation can be and together with you we want to grow step by step.

Everybody is invited to join the discussion and movement to promote longboard dance and freestyle.


Who are the people behind the ILDFF?

a group of friends and ambitious minds that set out to move our sport to the next professional level.

Jelle Lemmens (BE)


Sabine Steinhauer (AT)

Sabine Steinhauer

General Administration & Accounting

Simon Arsenidis (DE)

Simon Arsenidis

Governor of the Rulebook

Werner Wildberger (AT)

Werner Wildberger

President of the ILDFF

Why we are the right people to get the job done?

all founding members are experienced and well known judges and former event organizers, with a strong focus on building and developing our sport and community.
Together we strive to make longboard dance & freestyle more popular to participants and spectators.